Value of Ruritan Membership

  1. PRINTED MATERIAL: In addition to RURITAN, club officers and committee chairmen receive printed handbooks and material to help them perform more efficiently as community leaders.
  2. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Ruritan conducts free seminars, workshops, conferences, and other training.  Annually, thousands use this training to improve leadership skills.  Through Ruritan’s volunteer administrative program, trained leadership is available to assist clubs with problems that arise.
  3. RECOGNITION PROGRAM: Ruritan Clubs and members have the opportunity to win National and District awards for outstanding community service.
  4. THE RURITAN NAME: The name Ruritan signifies an organization with a fine reputation among service clubs, other organizations, and government agencies.  Community service activities tend to receive a great deal more support and recognition than projects carried out by a group of citizens or local unaffiliated clubs.
  5. NATIONWIDE FELLOWSHIP: Membership in Ruritan provides social opportunities possible only for a local group affiliated with a national organization.  In addition to friends made in the local club, through Zone and District meetings, Ruritans meet other people with similar interests in different communities, and acquaintances become friendships as they meet from time to time.
  6. RURITAN NATIONAL FOUNDATION: Membership in a Ruritan Club entitles club members and friends to participate in a growing program of financial support for youth to increase their education beyond high school.  Annually, more than $50,000 is awarded to 100+ students. No part of any donation is used for fundraising or administrative expense.
  7. VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP AND NATIONAL STAFF: Ruritan officials at club, district, and national levels are volunteers elected by club members and served by a national staff.  An elected National Board of Directors, together with club delegates at national conventions, create the policies and programs of Ruritan National.
  8. NOT DISCRIMINATORY: Ruritan National does not discriminate on the basis of age, national original, religion, race, color, political affiliation, handicap or sex:  Also, non-sectarian and non-political.

(from the Webmistress:  Okay, that’s what they tell us from National, but the REAL value of Weyers Cave Ruritan Membership is getting to know, volunteer with, and socialize with one of the finest groups of people you will ever meet. The projects to help the community are meaningful and worthwhile. The monthly programs are very well chosen, informative, and fun. There is a summer picnic, a December Oyster and Fish Fry that is incredible, and watching the men do an early morning chicken barbecue is like watching a well-orchestrated basketball game. It is a wonderful opportunity for GOOD people to get together with other good people, have fun, and make a difference.)