2023 Schedule of Events

Jan. 6 Board Meeting 6pm
Jan. 13                          Regular Meeting 7pm
Feb. 3 Board Meeting 6pm
Feb. 10 Regular Meeting 7pm (At Salem Church)
Mar. 3 Board Meeting 6pm
Mar. 10 Regular Meeting 7pm/Guest Night
Mar. 17 (Thurs.) Fundraiser: Pork cook/wrap
Mar. 18 (Fri.) Sell Pork (Presale-see page 4)
Apr. 7 Board Meeting 6pm; Regular Meeting 7pm/Spouse Night
Apr. 9 (Sat.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue
May Through July Softball
May 5 Board Meeting 6pm
May 12 Regular Meeting  7pm
May 14 (Sat.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue
June 2 Board Meeting 6pm
June 8-11 Weyers Cave Lawn Party
June 9 Family Picnic  7pm
June 11 (Sat.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue
July 1 (Fri.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue (Presale)
July 7 Board Meeting 6pm
July 14 Regular Meeting 7pm
Aug. 4 Board Meeting 6pm
Aug. 11 Regular Meeting 7pm/Son-Daughter Night
Aug. 13 (Sat.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue
Sept. 1 Board Meeting 6pm
Sept. 2 (Fri.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue (Presale)
Sept. 8 Regular Meeting 7pm
Oct. 2 Fundraiser: Serve Farm Bureau Dinner
Oct. 12 Board Meeting 6pm
Oct. 13 Regular Meeting 7pm/Elect Officers
Oct. 21 Chicken BBQ
Nov. 6 (Mon.) Fundraiser: Pork cook/wrap
Nov. 7 (Tues.) Sell Pork (Election Day) (Presale-see page 4)
Nov. 9 Board meeting 6 pm

Regular Meeting 7pm/Set new objectives

Nov. 11 (Fri.) Fundraiser: Chicken Barbecue (Presale)
Dec. 14 Board Meeting 6pm
Dec. 16 Breakfast with Santa
Dec. 14 Oyster/Fish Fry 7pm. Install new officers. Last names M-Z Cook;   A-L Cleanup.


Chicken BBQ s
$6.00 half
9:00am to sellout, usually 1:00ish
3 Locations:
Pharmacy lot across from Augusta Health Urgent Care, Old Super Save Grocery lot and Fisher Auto Parts lot in Grottoes.

Harry Lee’s Election Day Famous Pork Sold at kitchen doors at Community Center
$10 pound
$3.50 sandwich
6:30am – until sold out.